Samuel Hall m. Mary Ann ???
b. 1827
b. 1837
b. 1829
b. 1840

Samuel Hall is listed on the 1851 census as having been born in Lincoln about 1803. This is parallel to the family legend that one of the Halls (for a long time held to be John, the son) had originated from the East Coast, possibly somewhere in Lincolnshire. Family legend also has it that a Hall became blind in old age, and this too is born out on the 1851 census where he is listed as being blind. Interestingly, ten years earlier on the 1841 census, Samuel is listed as being a bricklayer with a birthdate of 1806 and birth location of Macclesfield. His wife in that census is listed merely as "Mary" and the ages of the children are erroneous (John and William are both shown as 10, while Emma is only 5), although thankfully the address of 121 Pearce Street Macclesfield is (presumably!) correct. It seems that the 1841 census taker might not have been as conscientious as the 1851 was!

The 1841 census lists a "Marsha Wilson" aged 60 as a lodger (although that is crossed out) at 121 Pearce Street, so one has to wonder if that may not have been Mary Ann's mother.

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