Frederick Hall m. Elizabeth (née Seel)
Emma ("Don")
b. July 12 1874
b. Sept 12 1875
b. Apr 3 1877
Alice Maude
b. Jan 12 1879
Florence Elizabeth
b. Dec 9 1880
Beatrice May ("Trixie")
b. Sept 12 1883
Constance Helen ("Nellie")
b. Feb 1 1885
Annie Evelyn
b. Feb 13 1886
b. March 1887
Frank Leslie
b. May 31 1889

Frederick Hall

Frederick Hall (b. September 4th 1850) was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Frederick Hall's story is truly a story of success! Eventually owner of three silk mills in Macclesfield Cheshire, he was a talented pattern designer who started with nothing. His success came as a result of a designing competition he entered. Wanting to produce a design to enter in the competition, he had enough money to buy paints, but not enough to buy a brush. Using hair from his head, he made his own brushes, painted his designs, and won the competition! He died December 22nd 1918.

Elizabeth Seel (b. September 5th 1845), was the daughter of John Seel and Mary Ann Barton. She was born in Macclesfield Cheshire but thought to have been (according to family legend) christened 4th November 1845 in Dymock, Gloucester. Elizabeth had a sister, Emma (died November 3rd 1903, aged 55) as well as brothers Charles, Harry, John and George.

Frederick and Elizabeth were married September 16th 1873, and were then living at 231 Bond Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire. They subsequently moved to "Spring Mount", which remained the Hall family residence for many years.

Laura Ann Skinner, unmarried, aged 17 and born in Macclesfield was also listed as being the resident servant in the 1881 census. There were apparently a succession of servants over the years, and daughter "Nellie" (Constance Helen) recounted the tale of one who proved intractable. Despite frequent coaxing to the contrary, this servant would announce dinner not with an elegant "dinner is served" such as one might desire, but rather with a somewhat raucous "'ere it is then!". It is not known if Laura Ann Skinner was the offending party...!

Some of the samples of Frederick Hall's silk designs still remain in the Mottershead family, and are reproduced here.

A silk sample designed by Frederick Hall and produced at one of his Macclesfield Mills.

Elizabeth Hall nee Seel
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