Henry Seel m Mary Ann (née Barton)
b. Sept. 5th 1845
Henry ("Harry")
The four Seel brothers
Henry (born 1826) appears from records in the 1841 census to have possibly been a twin, having a sister Charlotte, the same age at the time of that census (15), although it should be noted that the 1841 census-takers were required only to record exact age in years of children under the age of 15 - the age of anyone over 15 could be recorded to the nearest 5 year mark. There are also 6 other siblings shown in that census ranging from 20 years old to 11 months, the parents being Jacob Seel of Ireland and Ann ??? of Cheshire. They are resident at St. Georges St. Macclesfield.

Henry and Mary Ann married in June 1845 (Macclesfield record XIX p 112)

In the 1851 census, the Seel family - Henry, Mary Ann (silk winder, born 1823 in Macclesfield), Elizabeth and Emma - are living at 86 Park Lane, as are Thomas Barton (father-in-law, Blacksmith Journeyman born in Macclesfield, widower aged 52) and Martha Ann Barton (niece aged 11, a silk winder born in Macclesfield).

In the 1881 census the Seel family are listed as living at 345 Park Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire. The head of the household is listed as "Henry, aged 55". He was born in 1826 in Macclesfield and was a silk weaver. It seems likely that rather than the name "John" (taken from family information) the progenitor was in fact called "Henry", or perhaps a combination of the names, with the family using "John". One of the sons is listed as "Harry" - a nickname for "Henry" - so this may have avoided confusion on several levels. Henry (sr) is listed as being widowed by 1881.

Charles is listed in 1881 as being a "Silk Warehouseman (Manuf)", he had married 3 years previously. Emma is listed as being unmarried, as are Harry, John and George. Henry, Emma and John are listed as being silk weavers, while Harry was a silk designer and George a "pupil teacher" (as he was only 15 at the time it seems likely that he was a pupil). All were listed as having been born in Macclesfield, Cheshire.
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